What do you think of when hear the word "transportation"? Transportation helps us deliver mail, care for the sick, and visit friends. Let's drive through Balboa Park and see the history of different types of transportation, from dirt paths to the skies!

Didn't expect to see a horse on this list? Feet are one of the oldest forms of transportation--our own two or an animal’s four. But this ceremonial horse sculpture at the Mingei Museum has a surprise--wheels!

Speed ahead to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum! Railroads helped get people and things from place to place more efficiently than ever before. This model portrays an army train used to transport tools and supplies during WWII.

Learn more about trains during WWII around the corner. Traditionally, railroad work had gone to men. When men were overseas fighting, women like these stepped in to keep the trains running.

The relatively prosperous post-WWII era allowed many private individuals to buy cars. Let’s check out some cars at the San Diego Automotive Museum, like this sporty 1912 Packard 30 Phaeton.

Let’s slow down a bit and drive along with the Model T Ford. This automobile, which began to make cars accessible to average families, maxed out at 50mph. How long would it take you to get home at that speed?

Let’s fly into the San Diego Air and Space Museum and look at this car, which was purchased by a WWII Army Medical Corps doctor. The car helped not only the doctor who owned it, but also the people he attended; he used it to transport patients to the hospital.

See a more formal mode of medical transportation around the corner. This reproduction ambulance was based on those used by the military in WWI.

Now it’s up, up, and away! Let’s move on to a car used for an experiment with a plane, right around here, on Coronado Island.

Mail Delivery! Have you ever wondered how mail gets to you? This American Airway System brought mail across the country.

Let’s end with a modern model of da Vinci’s "Flying Machine." Even back in the 1400s, people were imagining better ways to travel. What transportation ideas do you have?

This is our last stop! Thanks for riding with us and we hope you join us again soon.