Do you have what it takes to prove that you are a true survivalist? That you can scavenge and find what you need? Prove to us you can survive on your own. Take the journey through Balboa Park, if you dare.

You board on your plane from the San Diego Air and Space Museum. You lift off and are flying home but then the plane begins to fall and you brace yourself. You just survived a terrible plane crash and now you are stuck in a unknown location that looks similar to an island.

You go in search of water and you end up stumbling upon the Bea Evenson Fountain, which you drink from.

As you continue looking for what you need, you find a Quince, Cabbage, Melon, and Cucumber at the San Diego Museum of Art for you to eat.

You quickly search for something to carry the fruit. You find a bowl at the Mingei International Museum for you to put all the food in and continue on.

As you are walking a wild lion that escaped from the San Diego Natural History Museum pops out of nowhere. You fall down and are looking straight into its sharp teeth!

Out of shock you look for something to protect yourself with. You find an old bow and arrow from the San Diego Museum of Man. You shoot towards the lion and miss, but it was enough to scare it off and you survive the encounter.

After, you go the shore and try to send some kind of communication so a boat or a plane can find you. You start to move the rocks in the Alcazar Garden to spell a message.

After hours of working on moving the rocks to spell "help", you notice that the sky begins to change and the wind begins to grow stronger. You realize that it's coming from the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. You quickly go find somewhere to hide.

Finally you find some cover in a cave that was in the Natural History Museum. You stay down in the cave as the storm passes by.

The storm has passed. You get out of your shelter and walk down the coastline, then out of the corner of your eye you see a boat. It's the boat from the Timken Museum. You begin to wave and scream to get it's attention. You see the boat turn. You are saved, the boat takes you back to civilization. You survived!

You lived? It seems you truly have proved that you are a survivalist. Come back soon because another adventure awaits you in Balboa Park.