Play Day at the Park

Hi! Fancy an action-packed, fun-filled day at the park? This playlist features a host of interactive activities both indoors and outdoors. Can you make it to the other side of the Spanish Village Arts Center stepping only on the blue squares?

Okay, glad we all made it to the other side! Along the path we can spot the Carousel. See if you can grab the brass ring as you go round, for your chance to win another ride!

All this hopping and spinning has got us needing a break. After we go past the BEA Evenson Fountain on El Prado we can find Pepper Grove playground and picnic area. Why don't we rest in the shade whilst those with energy race through the jungle gym and along the zip line?

Further down Park Boulevard; past the Center of Cultural de la raza and taking a right on President's way we will find the Hall of Champions. Let's take the sailing 'Grinder Endurance' challenge on the lower floor. Test yourself with a team-mate or on your own with this activity.

Ahoy! Proven sailors, are you ready to test yourselves in the sky? Over at the San Diego Air and Space museum there is a whole fleet of simulators offering different games and scenarios for your chance to earn your wings.

Strolling up President's way and back towards El Prado we come across the Japanese Friendship Garden; this beautiful garden is home to a large koi pond. How many koi can you count?

Across the road there is the San Diego Archery range, with activities offered here for all ages. Maybe you are destined to join the Merry Men?

Now be sure to put your bows away as we head over to The San Diego Museum of Art. Here we can learn some calligraphy styles used in China. With examples of letters and symbols you can learn how to write your name!

Staying in The San Diego Museum of Art there is also a chance to play the portrait game! Grab a pen or pencil, draw your portrait and stick it on the wall. You now have your very own work of art hanging in one of the biggest museums in San Diego!

Slowing in our tracks we should stroll over to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. Here you can test your knowledge of the Park with this interactive quiz in the back garden of the museum.

Don't forget, any Pokémon trainers out there can test their luck at one of the prestigious Pokémon gyms here in the Park! Our favorite is by the lily pond. Be careful though, competition is tough.

Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm worn out after all of that! Why don't you grab a cold drink from one of the vendors and relax. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.