Date Day

Balboa Park features world-renowned art, dazzling gardens and architecture, and some of San Diego's finest dining experiences. Whether this is your first date or thousandth, the always-enchanting Balboa Park is sure to set the mood for romance.

First, take a stroll through the Rose Garden. Point out your favorite flower to your partner.

Next, head over the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. See if you can find other couples enjoying the miniature drive-in movie theater. Have you ever been to a drive-in?

Stop for a quick kiss in front of the miniature kissing booth.

Now find Francois Boucher's "Lovers in a Park" at the Timken Museum of Art. What's your favorite outdoor activity to enjoy with a partner?

Like the lovers in the painting, wander back outside and rest together for a moment at the serene Lily Pond.

Hungry yet? Share some gelato and biscotti at the House of Italy. Che romantico! There are 31 other international houses in Balboa Park. How many countries have you visited?

Another country famous for romance is France. Locate French artist Henri Matisse's masterpiece "Bouquet" at The San Diego Museum of Art. Do you think flowers make a good gift?

Follow up Matisse with the Iranian glazed ceramic "Romantic encounter in a garden." In what ways is this piece romantic?

Head outside again for a stunning sunset tour of the San Diego Museum of Man's California Tower. Enjoy the sweeping views of San Diego, from the Coronado and Cabrillo Bridges to downtown's domed glass buildings, the glittering Pacific Ocean, and beyond. What's your favorite sight?

Cap off your day with an early dinner and drinks at one of San Diego's most popular new restaurants, Panama 66. Make sure to sip your cocktails while strolling through the adjacent May S. Marcy Sculpture Court & Garden!

Thanks for sharing a romantic day with us in Balboa Park. We hope you'll join us here again soon. If you loved this playlist please share #BPplaylist.