90s Pop

You don't need a "Sign" to know that this 90s pop-inspired playlist of Balboa Park is a total "Fantasy" of stunning sights, collections, and architecture.

First, let the San Diego Air & Space Museum's Apollo 9 command module fly you "To the Moon and Back."

Next, check out the San Diego Automotive Museum's 1966 Bizzarrini P538 racer. What a "Fast Car!"

Roll on over to the Hall of Champions to see the boards of local San Diego "Sk8r Boi"s and girls.

After that, let your imagination "Sail Away" at the Halls' sailing exhibit.

You're "Lucky" if you can find this good luck turtle sculpture at the Japanese Friendship Garden.

For a "Kiss from a Rose," head over to the lovely Rose Garden.

Now see if you can find the "Spiderwebs" at the San Diego Natural History Museum's "Coast to Cactus" exhibit.

Break time! Cool off in front of the "Waterfalls" at the Balboa Park fountain.

Walk along the tracks at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. Hopefully you don't see a "Runaway Train!"

At The San Diego Museum of Art, position your "Hands" like those in Francis Seymour Haden's "Hands Etching" drawing.

Finally, end your tour by visiting the Egyptian mummies at the San Diego Museum of Man. Check to see if they're resting peacefully. Even if they're "Barely Breathing," you may want to make a run for it!

Unfortunately, our tour has hit the "End of the Road." We hope to see you back at Balboa Park again soon!