Lost in Balboa Park

When everything is connected to everything else... everything matters.

Welcome to a Big Idea.

Lost in Balboa Park is an initiative to inspire the world with the rich cultural wonders of Balboa Park, the jewel of San Diego, California.

This project addresses changing expectations for cultural experiences. For today's audiences, interactions with art, culture, science, nature and architecture are self-determined. Visitors want to make their own discoveries. They want to be challenged, inspired, entertained, and, in the words of Pablo Picasso, to "wash away from the soul, the dust of everyday life."

Lost in Balboa Park is a project of the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, with generous support from the Legler Benbough Foundation and the City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture.


For 100 years, Balboa Park has been a serendipitous experience of museums, theater, dance, music, exhibitions, living collections, glorious Southern Californian flora and fauna and stunning Spanish Colonial, Mission and Pueblo Revival architecture. Ensuring that serendipitous experience continues for the next 100 years requires we address the realities and expectations of a cultural encounter in the 21st century, where pedigree will be as much about a physical encounter as it will a digital experience. Balboa Park chooses to be a thought-leading space – a destination where digital access and physical encounter unite.


Follow a whimsical thread, a lyrical narrative or a bold theme through collections, depending on your mood. Playlists are personalized tours across collections—the simple expressions of wickedly complex data architectures.


Creating a vision of what's possible is the first step in building the future for museums. Prototypes show the potential of a vibrant content ecosystem supported by a robust, flexible infrastructure.


Lost in Balboa Park is complex in its architecture and production. BPOC’s technical plan is guided through six principles: rich engagement, flexibility, sustainability, scalability, practicality, and gaining value from leading-edge ideas.

Technology Brief


Realizing a project this ambitious requires detailed plans for preparation, implementation, maintenance and funding.

Planning Overview
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Sharing best practices, lessons learned and resources with the community is a key component of the project.

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